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Texas Metal Roof Contractors (TMRC)

Residential and Commercial Roofing in Houston

Your roof keeps the weather out and heating and air conditioning in.  It also adds aesthetic beauty to your property.

Job Done Right the First Time

As one of the best and continually growing residential and commercial roofing contractors in Houston, TMRC takes great pride in not only getting the job done right and on time, but they make sure all debris we remove daily, and we leave the exterior of your property spotless.

Why Hire TMRC?

  • 35 Years of Experience
  • Top Quality Products
  • Fast and Reliable
  • Reasonable Pricing
  • Licensed and Insured

Quality Materials and Warranties

They use only the best materials from top manufacturers available with 25 and 30-year manufacturers warranties. In addition to the manufacturer’s warranty They offer a fifteen-year labor warranty, ensuring that if a problem ever arises, they stand behind their work.

Properly Insured

TMRC is licensed and insured, and are a contractor that has passed a rigorous background check to make sure that they are not only honest and professional but that they have the proper licensing and insurance required for residential and commercial roofing in Houston.

All Types Of Roofing

From metal roofing, flat roofing, cedar shakes, to slate, to architectural shingles, and more, TMRC the residential and commercial roofing contractor in Houston you can trust to get the job done right.

Annual Roofing Inspections

TMRC also offers a planned maintenance service. This is for clients wishing to set aside a budget for the wet winter months ahead, and an all year round inspection and repair service. they have a large stock of materials so you won’t be waiting around for delivery. They pride themselves on the quality of their work and give 100% satisfaction guaranteed. There are a lot of roofing contractors to choose from, but very few specialize in roofing only.  Residential and Commercial roofing is their only focus, and they believe that makes TMRC stand out from the crowd.



Standing Seam Metal Roofing

Add Beauty and Weather Resistance

Standing seam metal roofing is great for Houston homeowners looking to add to the curb appeal and weather resistance of their home’s roof. Standing seam roofs are not the tin corrugated roofs that used to be installed on barns. Standing seam roofing systems are aesthetically pleasing and engineered to last a lifetime.

Standing Seam Material

Standing seam is Galvalume, cold-rolled steel with 55% aluminum and 45% zinc alloy. Most Houston commercial roofing contractors offer this combination of metals because it ensures a lack of rust or corrosion for the life of the product.


Standing Seam Panel Locking

Metal roofing provides two basic panel locking systems for metal roofing: architectural panels act as water-shedding systems and structural panels act as water-tight systems. Both panel systems are exceptions. The S-2000 is the only water-tight snap-lock system on the market and the A-1300 is the only water-tight architectural panel on the market and is ideal for low sloping roof applications with installation on as little a slope as a ½ inch per foot. In addition, there’s an A-1000 snap lock panel for a more affordable install.

Metal Roofing

Types of standing seam roofs

Standing seam metal roofing system come in three types. The most popular one being field lock standing seam, which uses a special locking tool to connect the panels in the field. Another is snap lock standing seam, which locks the panels together when one side is connected with the one next to it. Finally, there are the standing seam shingle based panels which are vertical shingle panels.

Metal Shake XD Colors

For all the benefits of a metal roof with a more traditional or rustic look try a stone-coated Shingle, Shake or Terra Cotta styled look. Made of 26 gauge steel this product covered with zinc-aluminum allow, acrylic primer, basecoat, natural stone granules and an overglaze to make sure your metal roof looks as good on day one as it does on year 50!

Standing Seam Expansion and Contraction

Metal roofing standing seam such as metal shingles and seam metal roofing is known to expand and contract slightly with a change in temperature which is why competent roofing contractors only custom fabricate metal roofing and never use pre-fab kits! Your metal roof is designed with a custom Z flashing to allow for expansion and contraction (up to 1/8 inch for every 20 feet). Because we only install using concealed bracket systems, you never have to worry about leaks due to expansion!


The Wisdom of Hiring A Fire Damage Contractor

It’s a Tough Road to Recovery

Once fire damages your home, generally, there will be an overwhelming feeling of despair because you know it will be quite hard to bring back your to its original condition.  In a way, that feeling could be right because everything that has been touched by the fire, smoke, and soot will be damaged, deformed or stained.  The next best thing that you can do is endeavor is to start rebuilding your home from the ashes, literally.  To be able to do this correctly and for a shorter period, you will have to get the services of a professional fire damage restoration contractor.

Professional Equipment is Necessary for Fire Damage

There are several reasons why a fire damage contractor is the best choice for doing fire damage restoration.  The principal reason is that they are licensed professionals who have the experience and the necessary equipment to be able to do this job safely and efficiently.  They will also be able to certify that the house has passed the safety requirements for it to become habitable again.  During the fire, hot, burning flames are not the only antagonists.  You will also have to consider the damage that will be caused by fire’s by-products which are smoke and soot.  Additionally, there would also be
water damage
from the water used to put out the fire.  As we know by now, stagnant water can bring about mold and mildew growth, which could develop into another significant problem.  Your fire damage contractor can address all these predicaments and ensure that you will be going back to a home and personal property that is fully restored and safe.

A Fire Damage Contractor Guarantees Best Results

Not only once will it cross a homeowner’s mind to personally take on the fire damage cleanup to cut on cost.  However, this is not a very good idea not only because the house may not be safe to enter and to go inside the premises unequipped could cause further damage to the property as well as a danger to the homeowner physically.  Their inexperience will not know which parts of the house are still strong enough to step or touch.  Hiring a professional fire damage contractor to do the preliminary inspection of the premises for safety and the assessment of the necessary repairs is the ideal step to take.

The Proper Equipment

Aside from their expert knowledge in the field of fire damage restoration, they will also employ the use of industrial grade equipment and cleaning agents to clean up the debris, remove the stench of smoke and thoroughly clean the area of soot, bacteria, fungus and other microorganisms.  If you are covered with a comprehensive homeowner’s policy, it would be most likely you will have a claim for almost all of the expenses for fire damage restoration. For this, you will have to consult with your insurance provider.  Learn more about the services a professional fire damage restoration contractor can provide you from your local fire damage contractor.


Water Damage Removal

Water Damage Clean Up

Above all other services, our customers request water damage clean up over anything else. Restoration services typically range from minor leaking to significant flooding. Record-setting trends towards urbanization have accounted for the increasing number of residual floods. Erosion and storm runoff into rivers, streams, and other bodies of water has become responsible for a large number of floods. Most flooding problems originate from large areas cleared of vegetation and trees.

Local Flooding

In consequence, local flooding has especially become more prominent in areas with higher levels of urbanization and coastal development. Any damage that results from a natural disaster requires immediate attention. For this reason, you should call immediately for water damage clean up services. Get help, now!

Types of Water Damage & Restoration

The most significant amount of flooding damage usually results from rainstorms and hurricanes. Heavy rains tend to cause the highest concerns with flooding. Some other outdoor elements present a risk of water damage from dam failure and inadequate drainage. Household appliances such as the dishwasher or toilet may also pose a flood risk from overflow. Flooding can also develop from bursting or leaking pipes, as well as malfunctions with water heaters.

Fire Damage

On the other hand, the horrifying experience of fire is one American people encounter on a daily basis. Typically, the consequences from a fire are amongst the most severe. Firefighters sometimes come across situations that call for them to cut holes in the roof of the building or to break windows as they work to put out the raging flames. As the flames are doused, the contents of a home or business become saturated with water. The most common types of fire damage are smoke and soot. Even so, damage from mold and mildew can develop when the proper cleaning applications are not employed. The aforementioned entails only a small number of the many disaster people encounter each day.

Structural DryingDrying Wet Carpet

Structural drying occurs after completing water extraction and eradication. During this time, we ensure a thorough drying of the building throughout. This step is essential to complete the remaining portion of the drying process correctly. One main reason consists of how areas left damp will likely lead to various types of bacteria and mold development. In effect, this could result in dry rot, along with structural damage. Also, it presents a health risk. With years of experience and training, our technicians have learned what it takes to extract nearly all the water from your home or business. We accomplish this by using the latest advanced technologies our for drying machines, which ensure that even the problematic areas and carpets become completely dry. Further, we speed up the drying process by circulating air throughout your home or business with high-speed blowers.

Mold Prevention

Any mold carries the risk for toxicity. Therefore, mold development in your business or home can adversely affect your health personally or your family’s. Any environment left damp and warm, provides mold optimal growing conditions. A person’s physical reaction to the mold tends to vary individually and depends on the type and severity of the mold infestation. Generally, allergic reactions and respiratory illnesses are among the highest concerns. A large number of people usually detect the presence of mold by its odor. However, this is not always so. The only reliable way to find and identify mold is by visual inspection. Therefore, it is imperative that you call us for a mold inspection after experiencing any type of water damage. This way, we can visually assess the mold growth and devise a mold remediation plan accordingly. Remember, the faster you resolve any mold development, the less chance there is for the problem to grow. Not only will we remove mold entirely, but we also find and eliminate the source. This way, you do not have to worry about the problem resurfacing again.


Historic Roof Restoration

Bringing the Historical Structures Back to Life

Historic roof restoration primarily deals with the repair work and replacement of the roofing materials used in the earlier periods. These materials mostly comprise of slate, clay tile and sheet metal. Roof restoration also includes the installment of the vintage roofs and terracotta restoration works. Historic roof restoration involves a lot of specialization on the part of the roofing contractors.

Special Skills Required

The roofing contractors work primarily with a specialized crew, and they are even capable of transforming an entire village or a town and reshape them in a new manner. Their work also includes the strengthening of the primer on the roofing system other than working on the roofing edges and replacement of the old wood in the roofing systems. Acrylic coating on the roof ensures its long life. Historic roofing also includes the aspects like Modified Bitumen Sheet Roofing, Metal Fabrication, sheet metal roofing, Wood shingles, and sheet metal flashing. The various types of historical roof restoration comprise of slate roof repair, tin roof repair, cedar roof repair, wood shingle roof repair, clay tile roof repair, aluminum roof repair and roof flashing repair.

Terracotta Restoration

One of the prominent types of roofing restoration works involves terra cotta restoration, which is an essential feature in historical reconstruction. However, terracotta restoration was previously considered fragile in nature, but now it is a necessary aspect of mainstream restoration. This development is attributed to high-quality materials rendering durability.

Types Of Work Required for Terracotta

Nowadays, terracotta restoration is a complicated process, and the types of terra cotta restoration work done by roofing companies include reglazing of terra cotta surfaces, repointing the joints, patching with repair mortars, removal of terra cotta units, and rebuilding of the building elevation using retrieved terra cotta. A historic restoration contractor must work on the existing elements while keeping their position the same. In case of complete devastation, they might have to rebuild again.