12 Responses to “Homemade Hip Hop: How the Young and the Digital Are Remaking the Hip Hop Experience”

  1. Keep posting stuff like this i really like it

  2. Illustrous Few says:

    Good info…Keep it coming. If we want to have a positive impact on Hip Hop we must first be informed. I feel like allot of our youth have an ignorant perspective of what it is or takes to be creative now a days. And it doesn’t help that Sony, Universal, BMG, EMI and Time Warner dominate 85% of the market and there main focus is $$$. So the music they create be on some fast food type sh**…All profit no substance……. But in the end it’s the consumers fault because we buy it and put up with these weak Radio stations play’n zombie music (They play it every day all day until you can get it out your head and then you become a pop zombie)

    • S. Craig Watkins says:

      I like the pop zombie reference. You are right, Tyrice. The industry does force feed us pop music but it appears as if the industry’s ability to completely control what we listen to is weakening a bit. While young people may still listen to radio we also know that they are listening to the music they seek out and learn about from friends. And that music is likely to be enjoyed via an MP3 player, mobile phone, or computer. In other words, young people are increasingly likely to program the music that they want to listen to rather than the music programmed through a corporate determined playlist.

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  3. ….my “Conscious feel Good music’ will revive the music industry one day—-i believe that because rap is about the same ol’ stuff—–negativitsytys….lol but for Hip Hop..its still hope

    The article was helpful:>>Thanks!

    have a blessed Day!!

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  5. DooDoo Brown says:

    The reason why u wasted so much time writing this blog is because: the actual CDs being sold on the market are still garbage. The problem is not the “lack” of record sales but rather what records are sold, trash.

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