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  1. E. Bernardi says:


    I plan on sharing this article with educators in my building.
    I work in an elementary school in Keizer, Oregon. We are in the footprint of the highest poverty rate in our state. I am a school counselor, as well as a licensed teacher. I have done a lot of work with students, over the years, with technology. Our parent club recently bought us 10 ipads
    (not yet received) and we are applying for 60 to 90 ipod touch devices. This will be huge for our school because our technology is sooo outdated and pathetic. I have been using my own ipad with kids this year and i pod touch in a 1st and 2nd grade bilingual classroom. I made a brief video with the kids in the 1-2 classroom. We have been amazed at how many of them need little to no instruction on how do do basic things on a mobile phone or device. The teacher planned a 30 minute lesson and said she only needed 5 minutes. One student received an ipod touch for his birthday. His parents bought it for him to play games on.
    They didn’t know he could do educational games on it. They were delighted when the classroom teacher gave him a list of math Apps he could use to improve his fluency in math facts (an academic area where his skills were lagging).
    This could be a very exciting year at our school in relation to mobile technology!
    Erin Bernardi
    Do you have more articles/data related to mobile technology in elementary education? We are aware about the work in Escondido, CA.

    • S. Craig Watkins says:

      Hi, this is great hear–exposing a diverse community of kids to the learning opportunities that mobile and other
      devices offer. The key as I’m sure you know is having some specific learning objectives in mind–technology as the
      beginning of learning and not the end. I would recommend the website DML Central as a great place to learn about
      other efforts to make mobile learning a reality.


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